Services offered

Individual Counseling:  I work with individuals who are dealing with concerns about depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, OCD and addictions.  My approach is very interactive.  I use a combination of cognitive behavioral, interpersonal and insight oriented approaches to meet the needs of each individual.

Happy Couple Outdoor. Smiling Couple Relaxing in a Park. FamilyCouples counseling:  Most often the primary issue in couple’s therapy is communication.  When working with couples I begin by looking at the current communication pattern of the couple.  Teaching new communication skills is critical for working on a variety of issues that the couple may face.

Family Counseling:  Family counseling can be very helpful for families dealing with a variety of issues.  Learning new communication patterns, redefining boundaries, and problem solving are all elements of family therapy.

Grief counseling:  We all go through grief and loss at some point in our lives.  Learning the stages of grief and how to cope is not something we learn until we go through it.  Grief counseling is a specialized field that helps those in grief develop tools to help them move through the process.

Eating Disorders:  I am an eating disorder specialist trained to work with all types of eating disorders.  Candid Portrait Pensive Woman Teenage Girl Eating Apple FruitMy approach is holistic in nature working with other medical professionals to form a treatment team that best fits the needs of individuals.  Understanding the physical, emotional, social and spiritual components of an eating disorder are critical for recovery.  Treatment is very individualized and goes at a pace that each individual needs.


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